Melissa & Ian \ Tendenza Wedding Highlights

Tendenza Philadelphia Wedding Highlights

Tendenza Philadelphia Wedding Highlights

We’ve been lucky with the weather this year. You know winter weddings will bring the cold, and short days, but you hope for a little snow.

Melissa wedding at Tendenza was amongst the more stylish of the year for us. It was a midcentury affair, with throwback cake, vintage dresses, and bouquets.

So when the snow came, it was the icing on a
many layered cake.


Check out the highlights.

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Wee Titans Smart Baby Box

wee titans smart baby box

Wee Titans Smart Baby Box

I’ve been looking for a way to give back for some time.  I love Tom’s shoe model for matching a shoe donation for a shoe purchase, but that wouldn’t work for us. So finally, we’re happy to announce we are donating two Wee Titan Smart Baby boxes to NICU patients for each Everything Package we contract.

My kids were in the NICU and I’m so grateful for the help we received from the Anne Arundel NICU when they were born. My wife as an SLP as designed a box of her favorite books and tools for newborns to help them eat and communicate better in their first two years of life. Karen includes notes, tips and a way to reach out for help. It’s been her life’s work and happy to share her passion.

If you are looking for more information on the box check out her store at

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Lauren & Michael | Philadelphia Wedding Highlights

Vie Wedding Highlights Philadelphia Videography

Vie Wedding Highlights Philadelphia Videography
Vie Wedding Highlights Philadelphia VideographyWe’ve had a busy offseason.  So much so our new offseason looks to be March and a some of July.  I love analyzing the trends that really only apply to us. There are weddings every weekend of the year and we happen to love winter weddings.

The winter served Lauren and Michael’s stylish, modern, wedding day well.  Lauren’s backless dress, Michael’s throwbackish but modern fitting tux, fit the day to a tee.

Wedding prep was held at Le Meridien Hotel before moving to St. Rita of Cascia before heading over to Vie.  Vie has one of biggest dance floors, yet this crew needed to supersize it because it packed all evening.

Thanks to Luke for shooting such crazy good footage. Two shooters – 12 hours gave me so much wonderful footage to work with for the edit  Also thank you Diamond Street Photography for keeping things moving.  It was cold and they got the shots before frost took our fingers!  Okay, it wasn’t quite that cold, but I’m thankful anyway.

Check out our favorite highlights in our highlight film!

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Meredith + John \ Union League \ Wedding Highlights

Philadelphia Winter Wedding Union League

It took about 30 seconds to know how fun Meredith and John’s wedding was going to be. I learned the bride and maid-of-honor were good friends with my brother in law and we were sharing selfies with the west coast before my camera was even out of the bag.

It was the perfect setup.  Andy Todes was the photographer, Philadelphia was the location and the wedding venue was The Union League.  The Union League is my favorite wedding venue in center city. There are so many terrific backdrops in the vicinity.  City Hall, which had a holiday carnival happening. and some colorful side streets always look great on camera.

We traveled down to South Philly for the ceremony and found the best dinner in the city for even more photos.  John and Meredith were up for anything and never tired, even when it started to pour.

I got a bit of an 80s vibe from the day and so it inspired the edit.  Check out the highlights!

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Jackie + Jess / Jersey City Wedding Videography

Jersey City Wedding Videography: Jacqueline and Jessica got lucky. First, they found each other. There are equal parts fate and luck finding your soulmate.  Also, they got lucky to have chosen a perfect weather day.  Finally, they got lucky to pick a date only 5 days before a venue would need to close for safety reasons.

We’ve shot at Battello before and it’s one of the best venues on the Hudson. The view of Manhattan is incredible.   It’s ballroom and its beautiful natural light is unique in the business.

I don’t know the future of the Battello but Jess and Jackie’s big day was a worthy way to send it off for it’s temporary (hopefully) hiatus.  Charles followed the couple for the day and captured many of their best intimate moments.

I’ll note the vows were probably the best we’ve ever filmed and  I put a little taste in the highlights.  Check them out.

Photographer: Thompson Photography Group

Venue: Battello

DJ: POSH Entertainment

Cake: Mrs. B’s Cakes


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