Ashokan Reservoir

Hudson Valley Wedding Videography

Hudson Valley Wedding Videography:I’m not familiar with New York’s  Hudson Valley have only driven through a couple of times but was blown away by its beauty. It was so lush it I expected to see a Brontosaurus walking down the path like in Jurassic Park. It was a wet weekend so the green was amped: its lushness reminds me of Hawaii minus the palm trees.

Sophia and Tate did their research.  They knew there must be a quiet picturesque spot where we’d be able to do photos and video and their tenacity paid off.

They found a narrow path leading to a grouping of rusty row boats, some chained to trees untouched for a decade. Deer hung about wondering who was visiting, but turns out they had better things to do that to the subject of a video.

While filming we managed a cell phone snap posted on Instagram down below.  We really looking forward to seeing what the pro’s photos will look like.  I’ll post a link when I have.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to find this exact spot again but it’s worth the effort! A song was written about the beauty of Ashokan, made famous by Ken Burn’s Civil War.

We’ll be editing this one shortly.

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Kailee + Tim | Wedding Highlights | Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum Wedding Videography

Morris Arboretum Wedding Videography:

I love the shots Craig captured at Kailee and Tim’s wedding at Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. Philly has many wedding gems and this ranks high. I especially love the dance footage Craig filmed.  The band was on point and there must have been about forty members on stage.

The incomparable photographer Andy Todes referred us and we’re thrilled he did.  If you’re not following him yet, you should.  He better he gets the easier he makes it look. We enjoy having an opportunity to work together.

Music on this track is Hanging On by War on Drugs

This is a fun one. Enjoy!

Getting Married?  Head over to our wedding page or contact us for availability and packages.


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Katie + Aaron | Wedding Highlights | Cape Charles VA

Eastern Shore Videography

Eastern Shore Videography: Katie & Aaron

Cape Charles, Virginia was smart. They installed a LOVE statue right by the beach made with all the things adored on the Easter Shore of Virginia. It wasn’t there last time I visited and there was a small line of people ready to be photographed in front of it. Now it’s a must stop for photographers

Katie and Aaron were married on Memorial Day weekend. They are perfectly matched.  One of the cool things is seeing how the nerves of the day disappear when couples finally get to see each other and share the experience.

Finding the perfect song is easy when you have the luxury of great footage. Thanks to  Kimii for joining the team!  And thanks to the talented photographer, Alex Tenser. Enjoy!

Music: Jai Wolf – Starlight

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Kate + John | Wedding Highlights | Merion Golf Club

Merion Golf Club Weddings

Merion Golf Club Weddings by Forever Lucky Films:

Merion Golf Club Weddings

We have been fortunate to have been witness to all of the Haldy family weddings over the years. We wish they had three or four more kids!  Today we’re posting their son’s John’s wedding to Kate.

Chuck has been masterful and always manages to be in the best spots. Kate told me Stand by Me is a particularly meaningful song to them and I was happy when I found a way to weave it into their day.

We love shooting Main Line weddings.  The Philadelphia area has so many amazing venues you can shoot there all summer and not have two weddings look like same.  Enjoy some of our favorite highlights from Kate and John’s wedding day.

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Vintage Edits

Edit Old Wedding VideosGive us your tired, your poor, your muddled footage yearning to breathe free. We want to breathe life into you old videos.  VHS, Super 8, or Betamax we’ll digitalize it and make it pretty sweet.

If the footage has never been edited or the footage is outdated, show it some love and send it to us.  That’s a challenge we’re willing to take.

Email us at for more info

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Favorite Maid-of-Honor Speech

Maid of Honor Song

Sometimes we neglect our YouTube page.  On the occasion we need to reference it, I end up seeing videos we should have shared long ago. This is the raw footage from our Favorite Maid-of-Honor “speech” we shot at the Carnegie Museum in DC.

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Maria & Michael \ Wedding Highlights \ New York, NY

Guastavino's Wedding HighlightsGuastavino’s Wedding Highlights – Maria and Michael’s wedding was an incredible celebration.  The ceremony was held in a beautiful Greek church.  Greek weddings have beautiful touches that are so cinematic. The reception was held at Guastavino’s in New York. Thanks to Chuck and James for their expertise behind the camera. They captured some of my favorite shots of the year on this day. Thanks to Maria excellent planning skills and personal touch requests to ensure the video was exactly what she imagined. What follows are some of the wedding highlights.

Maria & Michael | Highlights | New York City from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.

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Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding \ Courtney & Jeff \ Videography Highlights

Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Videography

Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Videography

It’s been rare for us to do a February or early March wedding. When we do it’s often the offseason for the couple, like when we did one for a pro football later or in Courtney and Jeff’s case he’s a baseball coach. We flew down to Fredericksburg Virginia expecting winter but it was a lovely day. We were able to spend much of the day outside as the Videography highlights will show.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Raye and Kristie from  Gillette Portrait Arts.  Check out their work from the day on their blog.  The wedding ceremony took place at the United Methodist Church in Fredericksburg and the reception at The Inn at the Old Silk Mill.

Then take a lot of some of our favorite highlights.

Jeff & Courtney / Wedding Highlights / Fredericksburg from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.

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10 Soundtracks I Listen to for Focus and Motivation

Soundtracks for focus - The Hours

Soundtracks for Focus and Motivation

As an editor who works from home and has kids, finding a productive work pattern is essential. Time’s limited and focus tends to wander. I love music in all forms. I’ve written before Sirius, Spotify, and youtube have all been essential in discovering new artists.  They’ve all helped in, motivation as well, but there is something about a great soundtrack that is particularly good for focus.  So here are ten Soundtracks I use for Focus and Motivation.

The Hours
Soundtracks Focus Motivation Music from the Hours

I have never watched the movie, but Philip Glass’ soundtrack is extraordinary. It is the one I listen to when editing, writing or daydreaming on a long car ride. Depending on your mood it can be serious or amusing. Seeing the movie may end up putting it into one of the categories so I’ll continue to avoid it.
PURCHASE: The Hours (Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Standout Track: morning passages

Interstellar soundtrack

A great movie never has a bad soundtrack and sometimes a great soundtrack can fool the audience into believing a movie is better than it is. That’s often the trick to good editing.  I watched Interstellar when it was released and thought it was terrific. It has excellent filmmakers and actors, but was it a great movie? The soundtrack fooled most, including me, into thinking it was a great film. I watched it again and there are some incredible scenes, like the drone chase or the water planet but it is deeply flawed and clumsy.

The Hans Zimmer’ soundtrack for Interstellar lacks the clumsiness, save for perhaps the schmaltzy poetry reading at the end. Zimmer is a regular at Oscar time for his inspirational soundtracks. Christopher Nolan pushed him out of his comfort zone for Interstellar and Inception. Inception is excellent as well, but the repeating theme of Interstellar works better in the background for me. Both are worth a listen.

Standout Tack: First Step

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack

If Hans Zimmer is Tom Brady then James Horner is Peyton Manning.  I’ve grown up with Horner. He scored the Karate Kid and Willow. There are some duds on his list and some movies you’ll enjoy and not give it much thought after it’s over. A Beautiful Mind is one of those movies for me, but I find myself returning to its soundtrack repeatedly. Its whimsical nature is excellent for editing or writing fiction as I like to do.


Standout Track:  A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics


Master Spy

I’m a huge fan of RAC. I don’t know anything about them but their remixes take songs I don’t like to ones I love. If you can apply that formula to your life think of the amazing things we’d accomplish. They also write original music and a couple years ago scored a video game called Master Spy. As with The Hours, I have no experience playing Master Spy, but its upbeat tempo is the perfect background for coding or late night editing sesh.


Standout Track: Misson 2 (Mansion)

Birth Soundtrack

Jonathan Glazer, the director of Birth was an early inspiration for me. While the opening scene of birth is expert level, the rest of the movie left me empty. Glazer directed some of the best music videos of the 90s as well as the underrated Sexy Beast. The soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat is gorgeous. I’ve used it as a temp track for years and it has a luxurious tone that elevates your work when you share space with it.

Standout Track:  Prologue

Bastion - Original Soundtrack

Video game soundtracks are built different than movie soundtracks. The goal with music in video games is to heighten focus, but not so much so the user burns out.  That’s the reason, you should look to video game soundtracks when looking to increase focus.  I’ve no idea what genre of game of Bastion is but the music alone almost makes me want to try it.

Standout Track: Slinger’s Song

The Virgin Suicides
The Virgin Suicides - Soundtracks

Bringing rock stars to cinema scoring was nothing new. Mark Knoffler scored the Princess Bride. Sofia Coppola employing  Air, a French electro-pop band was a risk, especially considering it was her first feature and Air’s as well. The movie was a bit uneven but on atmosphere alone, it garners a thumbs up.  The soundtrack is outstanding. I’ve loved every Air album and this would stand alone even without a film attached to it. It has personality and that makes it a great soundtrack to work to or play in the background at a dinner party.

Standout Track: Playground Love

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy Soundtrack

This is one everyone knows.  It works especially well when editing political ads calling for 60 cuts in 25 seconds or driving home after a 24 hour shoot.


Standout Track: The Son of Flynn

Journey OST – Complete Soundtrack
Journey Ost

I know nothing about this.  Is it a game?  Not sure.  I know that it’s a terrific soundtrack to your next project. Composed by Austin Wintory and it’s been on my favorites list for years.



Alien Soundtrack

Take your afternoon walk with your pup to a new level.  Pop this masterpiece in, then get back to work. This is my once in a blue moon, late at night soundtrack.  It hasn’t aged a day in nearly 40 years and it’s that attention to detail in Jerry Goldsmith’s work that motivates me when I not feeling creative.

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Sarah + Kyle | Wedding Highlights | Corbin Hall

Corbin Hall Wedding

Sarah and Kyle’s Corbin Hall wedding was a blast. It was a huge celebration with more details than there time to film. We were lucky to work with the excellent Ocean City photographer – Kim Tucker. Kim is a friend and I’ve watched her skills develop over the years. She’s a must book if you’re getting married in Delmarva. Sarah and Kyle brought the band came up from Georgia and brought the house down. I came down from Vermont and shot with Maurice who’s from Maryland, so the entire east coast was represented.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from their big day.

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