Forever Lucky Films is a team of visual artists devoted to maximizing our creative reach through video and film.  We’re a collective of filmmakers, wedding videographers and editors. We create high end- commercials, political advertising and wedding videos.

IMG_3736 copyOur clients include non-profits, politicians, commercial companies and over 300 wedding couples. Our clients know we take the utmost care and attention to each project.  It is with that sense of importance we strive to create visuals with thought and creativity.

We worked on campaigns for Tech for Equality, The American Federation for Children and Step Up for Students as well as forty weddings. We worked on Television and Web Advertising for both statewide and national campaigns.

We owe our success to our incredible filmmakers including; Jenny Roberts, Chuck Astuto, Craig De Maio, John Churcher, Jordan Miller, David Bonnett, George Mills, Shay Kramer, Zach Walbridge. They make each edit better.

Creative Director, Christopher Rodgers manages a this team of amazing filmmakers. Previously, he worked on commercials for such diverse companies as Microsoft, VW and Dove.  He also managed marketing and advertising for Tony Robbins and the Sands Casino before founding Forever Lucky in 2007.  His combination of film and marketing experience make Forever Lucky the choice in this medium.

Since our inception, we added several filmmakers with experience ranging from Feature Films, music videos to documentary work. As our client you have the peace of mind knowing there is very little that we haven’t shot or situations we’re unfamiliar with and that experience translates to your confidence in your investment with Forever Lucky.

We Specialize in:

  • Television Commercials
  • Web Advertising
  • Wedding Videography
  • Freelance Post-Postproduction
  • Documentary Stories
  • Films for Non-Profits
  • Media Consulting
  • Political Advertising

Additionally, we have access to web developers and animators.

We have our eyes set on producing Short Films and Documentaries in the futures and well welcome partnerships with other filmmakers.

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