Looking forward to Wedding Season

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Wedding Season is coming.  We don’t know where and we don’t know when but it’s coming.  Every day is one closer no matter when it begins. I’ve put most of the day to day work aside to help my kids through their daily lessons and to keep my sanity.  It’s just not easy to focus on work and twin boys at the same time.  I’ve gotten some great advice from teachers who are new clients and I think I’ve returned the favor with some advice to them.

We’ve been fortunate to have our weddings spaced a bit more apart this year so when rescheduled we’ve avoided conflict dates, but now our fall looks much different than we planned. We do have a team so when needed we can make any date work seamlessly.  Not much else to report.  Can’t wait until the good weather, great food, and big parties can unite once again!

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