The Devil Wears Prada – DVD Mini Review

Published by Christopher on

My wife had been looking forward to watching this movie for a while, so I broke down and moved it up the Netflix queue. I had it about 80 or so for the last month. I watched it an have no idea how that movie was considered good or Streep was nominated for an Oscar. The story was predictable, the acting stilted (such as the dad-wtf was that), and the payoff dumb.

I still don’t know why there are all these movies that make smart women strive to succeed at dumb jobs. Such as movies where the female ‘nerd’ wants to be a figure skater or a dancer. There are a few of these out there. What is the purpose of telling a young woman that you’ll get no where by being smart. But that’s what I felt by watching this movie. Of course at the end she got the smart job (albeit by some stuff she wrote in college which would never happen) Forget it. Not worth it.


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