2021 Update

Published by Christopher on

Everyone can safely say they never had a year like 2020. Now that’s out of the way, we have some updates.  2021 is going to be busy.  Like crazy busy with nine months of dates moved to this year we have an interesting dance card.  We still are booking new dates in Vermont as well as NJ/PA.

One of the consequences of having a year without (mostly) weddings is I took a job working as a media specialist working with the Vermont National Guard in a somewhat temporary position. Likely for a year maybe two. Primarily I’ll be ensuring families get the information they need while parents and spouses deploy.  I can’t imagine leaving my kids for a tour but folks do all the time. I’ll be making sure information gets out to families both here and abroad.  Pretty cool stuff and I’m excited to fill in the role.

What’s that mean for the future of Forever Lucky Films?  It just means I’ll be busier.  I’ll have date conflicts due to the pandemic and I’m fortunate to have great support and terrific to ensure seamless productions.


Christopher lives in Vermont with his wife, twin boys, corgi. He has owned a film production company, sold slot machines, and worked for Tony Robbins. He writes in his magical tiny house and sometimes writes in his blog at chrisrodgers.blog