Nomi & Harrison / Wedding Highlights / Basin Harbor

Basin Harbor is almost local for us.  Compared to many of the far-flung areas we’ve visited around New England.  For Kim and Harrison, it was anything but a local wedding. Nearly everyone came up from NJ and NY, including the DJ.  So it was a party with the most amazing backdrop.  So amazing, Basin Harbor was recently profiled by the Wall Street Journal as the quintessential vacation spot.  I highly recommend it. Homepage

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2021 Update

Everyone can safely say they never had a year like 2020. Now that’s out of the way, we have some updates.  2021 is going to be busy.  Like crazy busy with nine months of dates moved to this year we have an interesting dance card.  We still are booking new dates in Vermont as well as NJ/PA. One of the consequences of having a year without (mostly) weddings is I took a job working as Read more…