content creation

The Content You’ll Love
At Forever Lucky Films, we go beyond conventional filming (check out Chris’ TikTok) to weave compelling narratives. Led by our Creative Director Christopher Rodgers, whose experience includes projects with Tony Robbins, you know the motivational speaker, and HBO, we help clients transform their unique stories into dynamic visual content.
We bring our expertise to small businesses and nonprofits, helping them connect with their audience through targeted videos, social campaigns, and more. We don’t just document stories—we make them resonate.

You need great content; we’ve got you back!

Our $750 package provides:
  • 2 hours of professional filming: We’ll capture striking videos, photos, drone footage, and interviews to bring your story to life.
  • Access to unedited content: Utilize a vault of versatile footage across your website and social platforms.
  • Creative direction: Our team will collaborate with you to convey your brand’s essence effectively.
Entrust us with your story, and we’ll deliver a wealth of professional-grade content ready to drive engagement year-round. Let’s get started on showcasing the heart of your brand.

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