Crane Estate Wedding \ Kelsey & Ed

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Embark on a visual journey with our videography at The Crane Estate, a venue renowned for its timeless elegance. This iconic location has graced the screens of numerous movies and television shows, and the allure extends beyond its cinematic presence. Rumor has it that even Bill Murray has found solace on the property for weeks at a time, though he managed to elude us on this particular day.

Kelsey and Ed’s enchanting ceremony unfolded in the charming town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Nestled in a town where the scent of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries wafts through the air, this quaint setting added a special charm to their wedding day. Our commitment to capturing the unique essence of each wedding takes us beyond the venue, allowing us to explore and appreciate the character of the towns that host these beautiful celebrations.

As your dedicated videographers, we take pride in not only documenting the significant moments of your wedding day but also in showcasing the unique atmosphere and character of the chosen locations. Our love for storytelling through visuals is reflected in the cinematic portrayal of Kelsey and Ed’s celebration, capturing the timeless elegance of The Crane Estate and the intimate charm of Newburyport.

Join us in preserving the memories of your special day with Forever Lucky Films. Allow our videography to encapsulate the elegance, charm, and unique moments that make your wedding day a truly unforgettable experience. From iconic venues like The Crane Estate to the hidden gems of towns like Newburyport, we bring your love story to life through the lens of our cinematic expertise.


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