Lancaster Wedding Videographer / Excelsior Lancaster / Rachel and Kyle

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Lancaster Wedding Videographer / Excelsior Lancaster / Rachel and Kyle

We love filming Lancaster weddings and the Excelsior Lancaster brings elegance to the notably rustic Pennsylvania countryside. This brilliant new events venue located in the heart of Lancaster will be a destination venue for years to come. From

When Rachael and Kyle inquired about our services, their location was new to just about everyone as the building was in the midst of an overhaul.  The long-vacant hall in the center of Lancaster was being renovated to become an upscale event space. Home Depot didn’t sponsor this post but we did take advantage of the unfinished areas for the first look. I’m sure the floor will look extra great in the future but the peeling walls and the dangerous-looking floor had a unique appeal for the film.

It was a nice contrast to all the many rural weddings we’ve done in Lancaster.

Thanks to Dan for knocking it out of the ballpark behind the camera.  The shots looked amazing.



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