Q. Does Forever Lucky pick the music?

A. Yes, picking the right music is half art and half science.  Getting the right song has been a cornerstone to our creativity.  That said we allow changes (more on that in another question) but using our choice as a guide will make sure your song has the right feel and hits the best emotional notes for your wedding.  If you know a song in advance we will do our best to use it.

Q. Who is our videographer

A. In the past, Chris shot almost every wedding, but turns out that was really bad on his back and had to cut down his schedule, then kids came and he moved twice, so now he shoots very few. That’s actually a good thing, we have a dedicated team of videographers in several locations (so normally no travel costs) with superior talent and equipment while Chris produces and edits

Q.  How long does it take until we see something?

A.  We work very hard to have a highlight film within 4-8 weeks and feature film about 2-3 months of your wedding.  Once we have your changes it takes two-three weeks for the finals to be sent out.

Q. Can we make changes to our films?

A. Yes. You can change just about anything.  We send drafts online via private review pages.

Q. What’s in the brief case in Pulp Fiction

A. Whatever you want it to be.  Quentin Tarantino admits there’s no explanation although, we subscribe to theory that it’s Marsellus Wallace’s soul.