Experience Magical Notch House Wedding Videography

Published by Christopher on

When Kelly mentioned how much she was looking forward to her wedding video on her special day, the stakes were high. But, as experienced wedding videographers, we strive to exceed our couple’s expectations and provide them with a delightful surprise.

Kelly’s wedding venue, the Notch House, boasts nine bedrooms and an extraordinary view of the breathtaking Lake Willoughby. This remarkable setting, located just a short distance from one of the most stunning spots in America, provides an ideal backdrop for our wedding videography.

The venue’s proximity to the magical waters of Lake Willoughby makes it a fitting choice for any celebration. The serene shores of the lake, the lush surrounding landscape, and the charm of the Notch House combine to create an unparalleled aesthetic that we expertly encapsulate in our videography.

In the hands of our expert team, the beautiful moments from Kelly’s wedding at the Notch House came alive. We captured the love, the joy, and the celebration of this special occasion, providing Kelly with a wedding video that will serve as a cherished keepsake for years to come.

As wedding videographers, we know how much a wedding video can mean to a couple. That’s why we take great pride in capturing these moments, providing our couples with a way to relive their special day time and again.”



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