Molly and Will’s Stunning Stone House Estate Wedding in Warren, NJ

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Molly and WIll’s wedding held at the Stone House. Videography by Forever Lucky Films. Photography by Andy Todes. Molly and Will’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place at the magnificent Stone Hous in Warren, New Jersey. Surrounded by lush gardens, they exchanged vows on the lawn overlooking the pool. Molly was a vision in her wedding gown and Will looked dapper in his black tuxedo. Their loved ones looked on with tears in their eyes as these two soulmates committed to spending their lives together.

The celebration continued inside the elegant ballroom with dazzling flowers and candlelight. Molly and Will swayed their first dance as husband and wife, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. The talented team at Forever Lucky Films captured every emotional moment on video. Photographer Andy Todes froze time with his stunning wedding photos. It was a magical day filled with love, laughter and celebration as Molly and Will began their journey as a married couple. Their stunning wedding at the majestic Stone House can be relived in the video:


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