Kailee & Tim’s Enchanting Morris Arboretum Wedding: A Philadelphia Gem Captured on Film

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Morris Arboretum Wedding Videography:

Craig’s videography at Kailee and Tim’s Morris Arboretum wedding in Philadelphia brought to life the vibrant energy and stunning scenery that make this venue a top-tier choice for couples. Philadelphia is home to many wedding venues that boast unique charms, but Morris Arboretum stands out with its natural beauty and picturesque settings. One of the highlights, as captured by Craig, was the dance footage, where the ambiance was electrified by a seemingly forty-piece band, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for all in attendance.

The collaboration for this special day came through the recommendation of the incomparable photographer Andy Todes, whose work and reputation precede him. His ability to capture moments so effortlessly and elegantly is a testament to his skill and experience in wedding photography. Following Andy is not just recommended but essential for those who appreciate the art of wedding photography. Working alongside him provided a fantastic opportunity to blend visual storytelling techniques, enhancing the overall documentation of Kailee and Tim’s wedding.

Set to the tune of “Hanging On” by War on Drugs, the wedding video transcends the ordinary, encapsulating the joy, beauty, and dynamism of the day. Morris Arboretum offered a backdrop that was nothing short of magical, with its lush landscapes and serene atmosphere contributing to the overall allure and romance of Kailee and Tim’s celebration.

This wedding video is more than just a recording; it’s a testament to the joy, elegance, and spirited celebration that defined Kailee and Tim’s wedding day. From the lively dance floor scenes to the serene beauty of the arboretum, every moment was captured with precision and grace, making this video a fun and captivating watch.


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