Breathtaking Onteora Mountain House Wedding: Capturing the Rustic Elegance of Sophia and Tait’s Hudson Valley Celebration

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Onteora Mountain House Wedding

Onteora Mountain House Wedding: Embracing the Rustic Elegance of the Hudson Valley

When Sophia and Tait chose the Onteora Mountain House in New York’s Hudson Valley as the backdrop for their special day, they knew they were in for a truly unforgettable celebration. As a destination for couples from across the Northeast, this stunning venue offers a sense of rustic elegance that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Hailing from Delaware, Sophia and Tait were no strangers to the beauty of the outdoors. In fact, the couple had a true passion for nature, which they sought to incorporate throughout their wedding day. During our time with them, we were impressed by their careful attention to detail, having meticulously researched the perfect photography locations to capture the lush, mountainous surroundings.

This wasn’t our first time working with the couple, as we had the privilege of filming Sophia’s sister’s wedding back in 2015. Their dedication to creating a meaningful, nature-inspired event was evident in every aspect of their Onteora Mountain House celebration.

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Check out photographer Pat Robertson’s incredible pictures and DJ Lou Paris gave us audio for the day. He’s the most prepared DJ I’ve met in ten years.


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