Meredith & John’s Vibrant Philadelphia Wedding at The Union League: A City Celebration Full of Life

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Philadelphia Winter Wedding Union League

From the moment Meredith and John’s wedding day began, it was clear that this celebration was going to be exceptionally fun. Learning that the bride and the maid-of-honor were close friends with my brother-in-law only added to the excitement, allowing for a personal connection right from the start. The day was set in Philadelphia, with the historic Union League serving as the venue—a place I personally consider the best wedding venue in center city, thanks to its myriad of stunning photographic backdrops.

Andy Todes, the photographer for the day, had a rich canvas to work with. Philadelphia’s architectural beauty, including City Hall and its festive holiday carnival, provided a lively and colorful setting that enhanced every photo. The exploration didn’t stop there; we ventured down to South Philly for the ceremony, capturing the essence of the city’s vibrant streets and even stopping for dinner at what could only be described as the best dining spot in the city for more unforgettable photos.

Meredith and John’s adventurous spirits were evident as they embraced every moment of their special day, undeterred even by a sudden downpour. Their willingness to dive into the experience allowed for an array of dynamic and heartfelt photographs that truly captured the essence of their celebration.

Inspired by the day’s energetic and nostalgic atmosphere, the wedding video edit carried an 80s vibe, reflecting the joy and timeless charm of Meredith and John’s wedding. This celebration was not just about the union of two people but also a love letter to Philadelphia, showcasing the city’s ability to be the perfect backdrop for love stories.

I got a bit of an 80s vibe from the day and so it inspired the edit.  Check out the highlights!


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