Meredith + John \ Union League \ Wedding Highlights

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Philadelphia Winter Wedding Union League

It took about 30 seconds to know how fun Meredith and John’s wedding was going to be. I learned the bride and maid-of-honor were good friends with my brother in law and we were sharing selfies with the west coast before my camera was even out of the bag.

It was the perfect setup.  Andy Todes was the photographer, Philadelphia was the location and the wedding venue was The Union League.  The Union League is my favorite wedding venue in center city. There are so many terrific backdrops in the vicinity.  City Hall, which had a holiday carnival happening. and some colorful side streets always look great on camera.

We traveled down to South Philly for the ceremony and found the best dinner in the city for even more photos.  John and Meredith were up for anything and never tired, even when it started to pour.

I got a bit of an 80s vibe from the day and so it inspired the edit.  Check out the highlights!


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