Rocking Beats and Heartfelt Moments: An Unforgettable Thursday Wedding Celebration at Spruce Peak, Stowe

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Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center Wedding Stowe Vermont

When Sarah Jo contacted us, we knew her wedding was going to be anything but ordinary. First, it was scheduled for a Thursday, which is quite unique in the world of weddings. In the last twelve months, this was our third Thursday wedding, and we couldn’t wait to see how this one would unfold.

But what really piqued our interest was the fact that music would be the centerpiece of the day. We had this image of Sarah Jo and Dan’s band playing acoustic pieces, with the typical wedding moments woven in between the sets. However, when we received the schedule and script for the day, we realized this was going to be something truly special.

The music was non-stop, with Sarah Jo and Dan’s band rocking the “sold-out” venue throughout the entire celebration. It was a crazy, well-executed night that left Jake and I truly blown away. The energy and passion they brought to their wedding day were palpable, and we feel honored to have been a part of it.

The evening culminated with a cover of the iconic “Don’t Stop Believing,” which perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the day. In this blog post, we’re excited to share our favorite shots from this unforgettable Thursday wedding celebration.

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