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Sofitel Wedding Videography Philadelphia

Alison and Dan were married the same month my boys were born.  It was a turning point for Forever Lucky Films, because up until then I had filmed every wedding traveling every weekend. But my second shooter Tom Materra shot it for me while I was away.  He and his wife nailed it and soon formed their own company.   I was able to edit their work and realized how fun it can be to work with others.  Since then we’ve invested more in people than technology and loving the result.

The wedding was the perfect Philly wedding.  Held on New Years Eve.  It was a party that set the bar for all future wedding parties.


Sofitel Wedding | Alison + Dan | Forever Lucky Films from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.

Filmed at Villanova and Sofitel Hotel, Philadelphia PA.

Music M83:Midnight City


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