Taylor and Chris / Crofter’s Green Wedding Videography

Published by Christopher on

It was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky – perfect weather for an outdoor wedding at the gorgeous Crofter’s Green venue. Chris and his partner Dillon arrived early to get set up, as they wanted to capture footage not just of the ceremony but also of the wedding party and guests arriving.

Crofter’s Green is such a lovely rustic spot, with its sprawling green lawns, tall trees, and the charming old barn where the reception would be held. The ceremony was set up overlooking a pond, with white chairs lined up on either side of the aisle. As guests began filtering in, Dillon got great clips of everyone mingling and enjoying the idyllic countryside setting.

Once the ceremony started, everything went off without a hitch. Taylor looked radiant coming down the aisle in her gown, and you could see the emotion on Chris’ face as he watched his bride walk towards him. They exchanged heartfelt vows, and sealed it with a kiss as Chris and Dillon captured it all.

During the reception in the barn, Dillon and Chris tried to get as much candid footage as they could of people laughing, dancing, giving toasts, and just having an incredible time celebrating Taylor and Chris’ marriage. It was a joyful day from start to finish.

By the time Chris and Dillon finally left Crofter’s Green, exhausted but satisfied with a full day’s work, they knew they had gotten some really special footage for Taylor and Chris to remember their picture-perfect wedding day. Capturing love stories like these are why Chris loves being a videographer!


Christopher is the owner of Forever Lucky Films and serves as its creative director. In the past he's worked on TV commercials and for Tony Robbins He has twin boys and a border collie.