Sophisticated Winter Wedding at Vie: A Stylish, Modern Celebration Captured by Forever Lucky Films

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Vie Wedding Highlights Philadelphia Videography
Vie Wedding Highlights Philadelphia Videography

Vie Wedding Highlights: Celebrating the Beauty of Winter Weddings in Philadelphia

As the wedding videography team at Forever Lucky Films, we’ve been busier than ever, even during the offseason. While many couples may shy away from a winter wedding, we’ve come to cherish the unique beauty and charm that these celebrations bring. The winter season has a way of adding a touch of magic and elegance to any event, as we discovered with Lauren and Michael’s stylish, modern wedding at Vie.

The day began with the couple’s preparations at the Le Meridien Hotel, where Lauren’s stunning backless gown and Michael’s timeless, yet modern tuxedo set the tone for the sophisticated affair. From there, the ceremony unfolded at the stunning St. Rita of Cascia, before the celebration moved to the grand Vie venue.

Vie is known for its expansive dance floor, and this lively crew made sure to make the most of it, dancing the night away in joyful celebration. The winter weather only seemed to enhance the beauty of the day, with the crisp, elegant atmosphere perfectly complementing the couple’s chic, contemporary style.

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Meta Description: Discover the sophisticated winter wedding of Lauren and Michael at Vie in Philadelphia, where a stylish, modern celebration was captured by the talented team at Forever Lucky Films. Explore our wedding videography services serving Vermont, New Jersey, and New York.

Thanks to Luke for shooting such crazy good footage. Two shooters – 12 hours gave me so much wonderful footage to work with for the edit  Also thank you Diamond Street Photography for keeping things moving.  It was cold and they got the shots before frost took our fingers!  Okay, it wasn’t quite that cold, but I’m thankful anyway.

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