Relive Your Day in the Best Way!

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You’re engaged!

Why else would you be here?  Alright, maybe you enjoy watching strangers kiss. Or you like our quirky taste in music. You could be one of our 400 couples who keep coming back to relive your big day.

You took the plunge and got engaged. By now you’ve booked your venue, photographer, and picked a dress and now you realize that you need a videographer.

That’s why you’re here. When partnering with Forever Lucky you’ll capture all the important moments; those funny speeches, and vows so you can rewatch and share with friends and family.

Nothing captures the day’s emotion like film and we’re excellent in capturing the normally unseen moments.  The day may go by in a flash, but you’re Forever Lucky Film will give you a lifetime of happiness.

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We can wait to create the story of your biggest day.

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