52 Week Project 1.1

Published by Christopher on

I am one of those people who think New Year’s resolutions are rather foolish and are really just around so there is something to talk about. There’s really not much to the holiday. Before the new year I decided I really need to film more non-wedding videos. To that end I thought if I did one non-wedding video a week that would really keep the creative juices flowing through the long dark days of winter. It just happens that the first week is this week. So while it may appear to be a New Years resolution, it really isn’t.

So what’s up with this first video? Yeah, maybe it is recycled, but I needed to start strong so since the rest of the footage from the air show is lost I have posted it. I used Tom Middleton’s Sea of Glass as the soundtrack. Here it is.

Want to see it in HD? Click here.

1.1 Coast Guard from J. Christopher Rodgers on Vimeo.



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