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The Ashford Estate remains one of the most spectacular locations for a wedding.    Long tree-lined dirt road.  Barn for ceremony.  Bigger ‘barn’ for the reception and beautiful French Revival styled Mansion.  So, if you’re going to choose a location and if it’s going to rain you can’t find a better spot than Ashford.  Even indoors, every detail was designed to be the backdrop of your dream wedding.  Okay enough about that.

I’ve been lucky to shot a few weddings for the families involved.  Loved them all and really turned out better that I could have even hoped.   I’ve mentioned it before but when I edit I have to edit to music I like.  There’s no one that I like more than Radiohead, but it took a subtle but intense Gigamesh remix to match the visuals of one of my weddings.

Cait + Chris | Forever Lucky Films from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.


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