Catherine + Steve

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Catherine and Steve are neighbors and artists. We actually purchased some art from Steve for our house and got to know them as a couple after visiting their studio. Their wedding was a real act of love as friends and family pitched it to create it. I don’t know if they used any vendors at all. It seems everyone they know is artistically talented from the food and dancing, to the music. At one point a hour long jam session formed and the whole bridal party played and being musicians they were amazing. Plus the whole wedding took place a couple of blocks from my home. I doubt that will happen again.

As they are a both spiritual and playful couple I utilized those attributes in their video. I am especially fond of the second portion of the video because I was able to use Tom Waits’ version of I don’t want to Grow Up. I aged the footage a bit and just had fun with it. I think it captures the emotions of the day pretty well.


Catherine and Steve from J. Christopher Rodgers on Vimeo.

You can video my vimeo page for Catherine and Steve here.

You can see some of Steve’s art on his site here.


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