Coastal Hospice: Celebrating Stories of Strength and Compassion

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Coastal Hospice: Celebrating Stories of Strength and Compassion

At Forever Lucky Films, we describe ourselves as visual storytellers. We believe that the power of a story goes beyond mere visuals; it touches hearts, inspires action, and creates lasting memories. This is why product demos and similar projects don’t resonate with us as deeply—they lack the human element that makes a narrative compelling.

Recently, we had the privilege of working with Coastal Hospice to capture the remarkable journeys of two incredible women. These ongoing features highlight the resilience and dedication of individuals who embody strength and compassion in their everyday lives.

Judy’s Story: A Battle Against Lung Cancer
Judy’s story is one of courage and determination. Facing her second bout with lung cancer, she has shown remarkable strength and an unwavering spirit. Through her narrative, we see the importance of hope and the impact of support systems in facing life’s toughest challenges.

June’s Journey: A Caregiver’s Heart
June, based in Ocean City, exemplifies the compassion and dedication of caregivers everywhere. Her story sheds light on the sacrifices and emotional strength required to care for others, offering a glimpse into the heart of what makes hospice care so vital.

Honoring Their Stories
We are honored to be part of this project, documenting these stories to share with a broader audience. Each video we produce aims to not only tell a story but also to inspire and move viewers. We will continue to post new videos as they are completed, bringing more stories of strength and compassion to light.

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates and videos from our Coastal Hospice series.

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