Collingswood Wedding | Fran + Mike | Forever Lucky Fillms

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Soon after booking Fran and Mike’s wedding. My wife learn she was pregnant with our first child. Due date Jan 15, 2012. Fran and Mike’s wedding date, December 30th. I thought, whew dodged a close one (also booked Dec 31 more on that day later in the week). Then a 12 weeks in, we found out our first child was actually two children and the date was now Christmas week.

Over the last few years I’ve worked with some great videographers and filmmakers. I was fortunate that Tom Mattera and his wife were available. They shot some outstanding footage for us and I’ve been experiencing Fran and Mike’s wedding at the edit suite. Photography was captured by Andy Todes….check out his website here

Check out some of their highlights here.

For more videos check out


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