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It was stressed to me during a phone meeting that dancing was perhaps the most important element of their future video. Editing the art of dancing allows for flexibility in song and mood. Pure enjoyment to an almost meditative state. Leave the camera lights in the car. Let the floor do it’s thing and persuade jubilant attendees to leave their troubles far away, raise their arms sky high and do what comes natural.

For some attendees those troubles were on the globe’s reverse – Australia. This is where Ash hails from. His home is now Philadelphia, so not only was he celebrating his marriage to the beautiful Jocelyn, but also he was celebrating a reunion of his family and friends. As I wrapped up the evening both families sang, swayed and stayed on the dance floor. Captured below.

Music: First Aid Club – When I Grow Up
Desire – Don’t Call

Check out photographer’s Pat Furey’s account of the day here.


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