Katie and Stephen’s Cairnwood Mansion Wedding

Published by Christopher on

The Cairnwood Mansion is a throwback to the guilded age. It’s not hard to imagine Great Gatsby inspired parties with the oil and shipping tycoons of the roaring twenties, music filling the room and light spilling out from every open window on a cool spring day. A similar scene for Katie and Stephen’s wedding.

Late in the day, when the party was in full effect, I looked at the house from the great lawn and it appeared to mimic a postcard from a party 90 years before. I hoped to capture that timeless energy in their highlight film. Here is a bit of that film here. Music from Camille Saint-Saens “Carnival of the Animals”. A piece he composed but would not allow it publishing or to be played in public until after his death in 1922. Photography by Dollface Studio.


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