Eastern Shore Wedding Videography / Larissa + John / Chesapeake Hyatt Wedding

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Keeping up with our Wedding Videography Blog is hard. Blog or hang out with the kids is questions we ask.  Normally, we wait for the off season, but we’ve been particularly ambitious this summer and can even remember our login and password after multiple visits. We’ve never shot at the Chesapeake Hyatt or the official name Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina (lots going on there that I wanted to partake in), but we surely would welcome the opportunity again.

Larissa and John are one of those couples that you know how deep their love is right away. Doing Film of Photos you get to watch all the interactions. These two were inseparable all day and had lots of little things that remind me the best parts of being married.

We sure hope we did their love justice!


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