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In the heart of Philadelphia, sits Le Meridien Hotel. Sandwiched between structures built for art and business, Le Meriden is in the business of art. Each corner is funky. It’s a place were bands, hipsters and socialites can call home when in town. Its also where lively, yet sophisticated weddings happen. It’s where Rachel & Jason combined all the elements of fun, sexy, emotional and family to tie the knot. Editing the video, sexy won out. Lana Del Rey is all over the web, but her personal vocals matched the intimacy of the big day. It hits you every times she tell you she’s gonna love you ’till the end of time. Enjoy!

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Rachel Cevera · October 15, at 1:27 pm

Chris, we watch your video every year on our anniversary and it gets better each time! We can't thank you enough! xo Rachel and Jason

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