Memories on Tape

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The wonderful thing about YouTube is I get to see the TV commercials I worked on a decade ago. Living in NY, I never had a chance to see them the first time around and now they have have new life online. As I come across some I’ll post a bunch that I worked on in some capacity.

Here’s one I worked on as a 2nd Assistant Director (talent wrangler). It was directed by Johan Camitz. Johan, who was from Sweden, directed the famous one-take Spice Girls video “Wannabe”

Since I moved no California soon after I worked on this, I never learned that Johan had been hit by a car involved in a shootout outside the SoHo Club. He died from his injuries. He had no involvement in the shootout and just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Johan was a great director and a former wedding videographer I learned after speaking to him. He changed my view of videographers back then and probably influenced my career moves ten years later.

So here is the commercial. We did about three of these VW commercials that week. This was the only one I could track down. Enjoy


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