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It was torture watching the slow moving Irene approach the East Coast. With the-sky-is-falling forecasts weatherman made everyone nervous. This is going to be a bad one they said over and over. So directly in the path of this hurricane was Margo and Eric’s wedding, held at the beautiful Merion Golf Club.

With the wedding held on Saturday, we hoped to avoid the brute force that would come Sunday. Margo’s photographer Amanda Fales came all the way from Indiana to document the day. Check out her blog she’s fun.

But contrary to the predictions, Saturday was the worst day. Merion lost power and 99.9 of everything we shot was under something waterproof. An amazing thing happens when you have two hundred of your closest friends and family with you – weather becomes a subtopic. The Wedding was the Story and everyone was there to celebrate. And they did just that. Once the power came back and the dance floor opened it did close until end. The rides home were a bit hairy for some, including me, but I just wanted to protect the precious footage we’d filmed that day.

Check out some of the highlights. I used a song from Moby to open and switched to a song from The Head and the Heart called Cats and Dogs. Great name for a song to describe the rain on that day in August.


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