My Favorite Christmas Commercials – 2010

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Apart from you typical car-under-the-tree or appliance ads, 2010 was a good year for Christmas cheer-filled advertising.
Here are some of my favorites.

GameStop – Holiday 2010

This kid will be on a sitcom.  It’ll be about three armed people who don’t wrap presents.

John Lewis –  2010 Christmas advert

I came across this online while looking for some cover music.  It sets the appropriate tone for the Holiday, even though I have no idea what John Lewis is besides a dude’s name.

Stella Artois – Originally Crafted for Christmas Ad 2010

I’m not sure who directed this one, but I’m sure he’s famous. Stella only chooses the top directors, like Wes Anderson or Jonathan Glazer. French is also my preferred choice for translated music.

Coca Cola – Snow Globe

Forget that it costs coke about 2 pennies to make a can of soda, because that profit goes right upstairs to marketing to make commercials like this. 

Target – Montage
Target ran away with Christmas.   Check out their stock prices, Walmart may be the giant but Target’s the man, due in part to some really inspired advertising.   Great casting and writing set the tone for Christmas.  Filmed like a NIKE ad this one is re-watchable.
Hyundai – Up on a Housetop
Staring Pomplamoose these ads defy logic and are the anti-Lexus.  Appealing to hipsters perhaps, who I suppose don’t like big budgets; count me amongst them.  I’m pretty sure this is a one and done campaign, so watch it while you can.
Target -Electronic Santa
These kids are awesome, catchy tune dancing robots. That’s all.

Target – Is it time Yet?

Target is hogging the list, but for good reason.  This is another cool spot featuring a reversed Christmas, which looks even better backwards.

Gamestop – Power Saver
I love commercials that get the message across in a subtle funny way. One that doesn’t- the Toyota Highlander commercials with an euro-trash kid telling everyone that parents are losers if they don’t buy their SUV.  Here the same message is conveyed but reversed.  The espresso cup is my favorite touch.

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Cris · December 22, at 3:26 pm

LOVE this post. Target just flat out owned this holiday season.

I thought you missed out on the Lexus campaign, though. Not quite sure I can resolve the dissonance between the message and the product, but…chestnut roasters? Hilarious.

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