New Camera Review + Highlight Film

Published by Christopher on

In the week leading to Kasey and Christian’s wedding held at the Stone Mill outside York Pa, I had lost faith in my Cannon 7d. The reason was glitch after glitch, so quickly I picked up a Canon 4ti to use as a back up. Smaller and lighter, is not really a plus for me but as a hobbyist this could be nice. What I like about it is the auto focus and a touch screen.

 The first wedding I used it was at the aforementioned wedding at the Stone Mill and overall I came away please. Most of the day I used the 1.4 lens I love. No matter what lenses I purchase I usually just use this one almost all day. This lens and my camera became fast friends and I used the auto focus on some beauty shots with foreground and background elements. It also has a pretty decent facial recognition software built in and I tested it with my twin boys with good success. Not quite ready to use auto focus with a bride heading down the aisle towards me, but with good light and a native lens, I may in the future.

 It’s an inexpensive camera and worth picking up for a backup DSLR for a professional or a primary camera for someone just following their kids around the house or ballpark.

 Check out the highlights from Kasey and Christian’s party down below.


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