Rachel and Damon’s Dream Wedding at Wind in the Willows | Grantville, PA

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Rachel + Damon | Forever Lucky Films | Grantville, PA

Rachel’s attention to detail was impeccable. Every element was meticulously thought out, making their wedding truly memorable. From vintage books and signs to a charming ice cream truck, the day was filled with delightful touches. For more inspiration, check out their detailed blog here.

Discover Rachel and Damon's beautifully detailed wedding at Wind in the Willows, Grantville, PA. A perfect venue just outside Hershey, PA. Read more for inspiration!

Though rain threatened just a few miles south, it wisely avoided their little haven just outside Hershey, PA. Adding to the magic of the day was a beautiful cover of Bob Dylan’s song by Audra Mae, perfectly setting the mood.

The venue, Wind in the Willows in Grantville, PA, was simply stunning. The picturesque grounds, only 15 minutes away, offered an unbeatable setting. While Pam and her husband own the venue, we had the pleasure of working with June on the wedding day. Her accommodating nature and dedication made everything run smoothly. She was truly amazing!

If you’re looking for a videographer who captures every special detail, reach out to us at Forever Lucky Films. We’d love to make your day as memorable as Rachel and Damon’s.



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