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Jersey Shore Wedding Videography | Randi + Keith’s December Celebration at Mallard Island Yacht Club

Warm in the Winter.  Sunny on the inside

Step into the heartwarming embrace of Randi and Keith’s December wedding, beautifully captured by our lens as your trusted New Jersey videographer. At Mallard Island Yacht Club, where the Jersey Shore meets elegance, their love story unfolded in a unique celebration that defied the traditional expectations of a winter wedding.

“Warm in the Winter. Sunny on the inside” became the unplanned theme of the day, echoing the unusually springlike temperatures that graced the East Coast in December. Despite the season, the atmosphere at the wedding was nothing short of sunny and vibrant, capturing the essence of love that radiated from Randi and Keith

. The unforeseen weather allowed for a cozy ambiance adorned with hot cider, hot chocolate, and warm blankets on standby—elements that added an unexpected charm to the day’s festivities.

As your New Jersey videographer, I seized the opportunity to craft a visual masterpiece that perfectly encapsulated the unique warmth of Randi and Keith’s celebration. The chosen backdrop of Mallard Island Yacht Club, with its coastal charm meeting sophistication, provided the ideal canvas for their love story to unfold.

Incorporating the upbeat vibes of the Glass Candy song that inspired this blog, the visual narrative of the wedding film effortlessly complements the joyful atmosphere of the day. This celebration is a testament to the extraordinary moments that can arise when love and weather align in unexpected harmony.

Forever Lucky Films takes pride in capturing the nuances of each couple’s love story, turning them into timeless cinematic treasures. From the coastal elegance of Mallard Island Yacht Club to the unexpected warmth of a December day at the Jersey Shore, our videography elevates your wedding memories to a level of artistry that truly reflects the unique charm of your celebration.

Randi + Keith | Mallard Island Yacht Club | Forever Lucky Films from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.


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