Squaw Valley Wedding | Ava + Chip | Forever Lucky Films

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So Ava wanted a wedding back-dropped with the glory of fall in Squaw Valley while Chip wanted a winter wedding back-dropped with snow capped peaks.  Initially Ava won setting a date early November.  The day before the wedding the trees lined the valley with colorful foliage.  Then the clouds came and the next day those leaves were covered with snow.

The first snow of the season fell as Ava and her bridesmaids prepped at Plumpjack Inn and continued all day. I would have to say it was the coldest outdoor wedding I’ve done, maybe will ever do, but everyone was prepared and there really was no better place to tie the knot that day.

Here are some of the highlights of there jubilant celebration.  In the end everyone got that what they wanted.  Snow, colorful leaves and most importantly an epic party with family and friends (plus a win from their Alma Mater Oregon).


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