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If you lived on the west coast, like I did, you know that a sunny day on the beach is almost a sure bet. Blue skies, some tufts of clouds and a cool Pacific breeze. Like the day was produced in a copy machine. However, if you’re from Jersey like I am, you know a cool sunny day like hitting on fifteen; a risky proposition with a big payoff if it works out.

Shannon and Chris’ wedding held after labor day when cool beach days happen more often than not. Mother nature parked a system right over the strip of sand over Stone Harbor and Avalon. Not more than two miles to the west on the other side of the bay, the sun was shinning. So that meant the beach wedding was moved to the Stone Harbor Yacht Club where the reception was to take place.

The amazing thing with family and friends, unlike lets say a business meeting, when you move something the crowd moves willingly and happily. The bar opened earlier, reunions happened sooner and the ceremony was lovely and intimate.

Eventually the rain halted and the sun drooped slowly under the clouds. Video is like photography only I shoot 24 pictures every second. And for a few of those seconds I captured my favorite image to date as a wedding videographer. Jauhien Sasnou one the most creative shooters in Philadelphia, set the shot up. You may expect it to be the thumbnail for the video and it is. Check it below.


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