The Fall

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It’s been a while. While our spring and summer season were evenly paced our fall blew in like a hurricane. Being in New England we’re getting used to that. Those colorful trees and mild (mostly dry) weather makes the ideal backdrop.

While I shoot only a few weddings, our team was busy. I had all that wonderful footage to edit there’s still miles to go before I sleep. That keep me busy enough, but next came the earthquake. Our vimeo page was taken down.

Algorithms improve and what I took for granted was no longer there. Private Reception footage from a 2009 wedding was the culprit and all those hours finding cover versions and remixes were for naught. 700 videos from 400 weddings… gone.

I have everything backed up of course but every posting on the blog and facebook were suddenly videoless. Not ideal. Next began the painful process of relinking videos to youtube while editing the 25-40 films I need to edit before 2019 comes.

I’ve been a popular guy. I’ve been doing a little at A time, if someone contacts me I move you up the list so if you don’t see your film let me know. Most everyone has discs and downloads already but if I can relink your work I’ll do my best.


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