The Hell Yeah! or No Decisions in Everyday Life

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2015 was the year of the podcast for me.  I spent less time on the road and more time editing.  It started with the Serial podcast and moved to Hardcore History, Startup and eventually to Tim Ferriss.  I’ve spent most of the fall listening to his various guests speak to on such topics as life hacking, generosity and fitness.  My favorite of the bunch was his interview of entrepreneur Derek Sivers.  Derek is excellent at collecting and classifying life hacks to just their most basic level.  More importantly, for this post, was talking his own post about the Hell Yeah! or No philosophy.  Here’s a link for the curious.

So, why am I talking about this on here as 99% of you are looking for prices, packages and videos?  It’s simply because it’s a philosophy you should implement in your wedding planning.  It costs a lot of money to get married. No matter how much time and money you budget for your big day, it’ll cost more.  That’s why if it’s not a “Hell Yeah” it’s a no, even if that means skipping wedding video.

I’m making 2016 of the year of the Hell Yeah for me personally and have  turned things down that while interesting and beneficial were not exciting or motivating. When it came for looking for a place to move Vermont was a hell yeah for us.  While moving isn’t fun, moving to a place we’re excited to live makes it exciting.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the wedding industry over the last ten years and more add-ons each year, even though wedding length haven’t changed.  After you get engaged you’ll imagine certain things for your big day – the dress, your friends, the location and maybe dancing. Then you’ll go on Pinterest or attend other friends’ weddings and things will get complicated fast.  I love when a potential client says they weren’t going to do video until they saw their friends’ video and wanted to book us  That’s a Hell Yeah!   All wedding vendors know these clients and they’re the ones we are excited to work with as it’s a mutual Hell Yeah!

So choose only Hell Yeahs!  You’ll save money, have more time and still have an amazing wedding!



Christopher is the owner of Forever Lucky Films and serves as its creative director. In the past he's worked on TV commercials and for Tony Robbins He has twin boys and a border collie.


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