The Month so Far

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I started out the month with a beautiful wedding and perhaps ending it filming a reality show. In between there’s been lots of meetings, and rewrites and editing. 2010 is going to be a building year for Downbeach. A short film shoot in March and hopefully a Documentary begins in April or so. Therefore 2011 could be the festival year, or a least we should hope.

I can’t count how many weddings I did last year, although I’ll have a better picture next month when I do my taxes and way ahead of the pace for 2011. I would hope that is some type of economic indicator.

So yesterday I met with a producer/director of LA Law for which she has an Emmy and Sabrina the Teenage Witch- among scores of others. Awesome lady. Turns out she’s a neighbor. She has some great ideas for shows scripted and unscripted in the works. Depending on availability I should behind the camera for a couple of those. Plus a TV commercial filming next month.

All in all 2010 is off to a crazy start.



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