Our Favorite Wedding Venues – The Union League

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Philadelphia’s Union League is one our favorites and among the very best on the East Coast. We’ve shot a bunch of Union League Wedding videos over the years. It’s fitting that a club founded to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s vision of America, importantly the Union of America’s policies now celebrates the union of hundreds of families.

The Union League is located in the center of center city Philadelphia, so you can get all the terrific shots from Broad Street or go under city hall itself for the classic glamorous background. Inside the Union League, you’re quickly reminded they don’t build them like this. Tall ceilings, beautiful portraits, oak walls and beautiful sculptures.

The Union League’s ballroom reminds me of something you’d find in a classic European palace. There are many modern venues that try to achieve this look but it’s hard to compare to something as original and stately as the Union League.

There is a common theme in our Union League Wedding Videos. Elegant and classic with a cinematic feel. It’s like a movie set that’s always like a movie set. Without further adieu here are some the weddings we’ve shot at the Union League over the years.


Kristin & Rob 2016

Alyson & Andrew 2014

Rebecca & Evan 2014

Shannon & Wally 2012


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