Hello Vermont

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Get out your summer parkas Forever Lucky has made it to Vermont and while the temps have been relatively cool so far, our schedule has been anything but.  There’s a barrage of weddings from New York, New Jersey, Philly and after last weekend, Vermont. It’s very exciting. In the last week, we were fortunate to work for the non-profit Stop Soldier Suicide on their 22 in 22 challenge video featuring Charlie Daniels.  It’s a motivated bunch working for a under-appreciated cause. A filmmaker is a rewarding career if you treat it as such. Respect the camera and those it’s capturing no matter whom.






Christopher lives in Vermont with his wife, twin boys, corgi. He has owned a film production company, sold slot machines, and worked for Tony Robbins. He writes in his magical tiny house and sometimes writes in his blog at chrisrodgers.blog


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