Oh the Places We’ve Filmed

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Looking back at the initial weddings we captured, it’s remarkable how vividly I remember each one. Over the years, as we’ve documented countless weddings, every venue resonates with a unique memory—a snippet of joy, a burst of laughter, an intimate glance. Being so deeply immersed in the celebration, spending anywhere from 40 to 100 hours per event, feels almost like becoming a part of the family, albeit temporarily.

Our journey has taken us through a myriad of locales—churches, beaches, bustling cities, and across various states, each adding its own color to our tapestry of experiences. It’s only when pausing to reflect on the vast number of places we’ve visited that I truly appreciate our fortune. Between the cheers and vows, we’ve celebrated alongside 80,000 to 100,000 people, captured around 7,000 hours of footage, and devoted countless more to crafting the perfect wedding films.

Each year brings new trends, customs, and unique wedding personalities, enhancing our portfolio and expertise. Recently, we expanded our geographic canvas, adding venues in Vermont and Virginia, embracing the serene North and the vibrant South.

Looking forward, each year promises new surprises and venues—from quaint backyards that host a single, memorable wedding to those that unexpectedly turn into the following year’s most sought-after locations.

While we don’t heavily promote destination weddings, our network is extensive. Whether you’re dreaming of a Tuscan wedding or a beachfront vow exchange in Bali, we’re ready to bring an international flair to your special day. Just say the word, and we’ll be there, cameras in hand, ready to capture every precious moment.

Interested in a unique wedding film that captures your day perfectly? Let’s talk about how we can make your wedding memories last a lifetime.


Christopher lives in Vermont with his wife, twin boys, corgi. He has owned a film production company, sold slot machines, and worked for Tony Robbins. He writes in his magical tiny house and sometimes writes in his blog at chrisrodgers.blog


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