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The great thing about shooting weddings is we have a guide where we’ll be shooting from month to month. Any degree of certainty in a small business is a plus. However, the offseason is less predictable than this winter’s snowfall.

Last month, we brought a crew of vegans and myself to film at CPAC. We edited for another SuperPAC for a potential candidate for president and a lot of national exposure. This month we’ll be heading to Louisiana to co-produce a short documentary detailing the rebuilding of a school demolished by Katrina. As well as an education serious for a Beltway doctor’s group and our continuation of our Coastal Hospice series.

We have some new edit clients and we’re pleased to be working with another of our talented shooters on a short filming in LA next month – bring on the creative work. Any excuse to hit the festival circuit and Forever Lucky will love to hear your ideas. We’d love to produce a documentary and more shorts this year.

We’re actively seeking shooting partners in Vermont to work on commercial and wedding projects in New England.

While things are developing, we are booking some amazing weddings all over the east coast. Since, I’m stepping away from the camera this year and because we’re losing one of best videographers to the west coast this fall, we’ll need some creative filmmakers, especially on the Eastern Shore/Delaware, and as I mentioned, Vermont.

Contact us and lets collaborate!


Christopher is the owner of Forever Lucky Films and serves as its creative director. In the past he's worked on TV commercials and for Tony Robbins He has twin boys and a border collie.


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