Be the Person your Dog Thinks You Are.

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Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are.

–  J.W. Stephens.

Nothing motivates like having kids. This coming from someone who worked for master motivator Tony Robbins  Sure, there’s lots of reasons for this.   A big one is the learning curve.  It’s taken me two years to relearn how to be as creative as before with less time and now that I have, what a year its been..

One of the interesting things about having your own business, especially one of this nature, is the utter lack of predicability.   I’d never guessed I’d work on the Iowa’s Governor campaign, create intensely emotional stories for Coastal Hospice and shoot the wedding of a Dallas Cowboy I’d rooted against.  And those weddings.  This has been the most diverse lineup we’ve ever had.   The end of 2014 and start of 2015 season has some potential interesting projects.

In years past, we had to turn away most everything that wasn’t a wedding.  This year we’ve embraced it and next year we’re chasing it.   For 2015 , I’m counting on a very unpredictable year.   We’re launching our Real Estate Business – DOWNBEACH, pitching some TV projects and a long shot possibly of work on a presidential campaign!

In the past Forever Lucky was probably 95% on me  In recent years it’s become more collaborative and now I like to think of it as a collective going forward.  Next year, while I’ll still be shooting some, I’ll be handing over the bulk of the shooting to these filmmakers.   I’ll be serving as Creative Director focusing on the editing and commercials.

We booked six weddings last week alone and it was clear that are going to need a bigger boat.  I think I maxed out my creative potential with an intense schedule that includes being a stay-at-home dad too a couple of two year olds. An investment in talent creates a richer product.  If you’ve seen our work on here or Facebook, you’ve already seen the work of these talented filmmakers.

Pitch me your ideas.  I’d love to partner up and collaborate on projects.  If you’re a filmmaker I’d love to hear from you. We’ll likely have have more than our current team can handle.

Be Good-


Christopher lives in Vermont with his wife, twin boys, corgi. He has owned a film production company, sold slot machines, and worked for Tony Robbins. He writes in his magical tiny house and sometimes writes in his blog at


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