Brave New World

Published by Christopher on

Having spent eight years working in an office I grew accustomed that lifestyle – alarm clocks, commutes, work lunches. Then I started working from home. The pluses – no alarm clock, no commute and going where I want for lunch. Career bliss it seems until you discover there are downsides to living at your office, that being you live in your office.

So in December when I moved a few hours south and changed the name to Forever Lucky I knew to expand the brand, I had to bring in new talent and we’ve done that. Expand beyond wedding videography which we’re doing with some photography and commercial work. As well as some short film and documentary development planned for 2012.

We’re also happy to announce we’ll be moving to a new office in Berlin Maryland. My wife and I fell in love with the town after visiting and knew this is where the office should be. If you’re not familiar Runaway Bride was shot here.

It’ll be a couple months before we’re open, but it’s a great spot. It’ll be part office, part studio and part gallery. How much of each the future will tell, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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