Jen + Reed’s PAFA Wedding

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The official start to our Wedding Season begun on Saturday.  I’m always the most prepared for the first wedding.  Every camera part is dusted and ready to go days before.  As the season continues my prep time shortens each time.   This year we’re even more prepared than usual.  New shooters with great new cameras but more importantly new experiences.

Jen and Reed’s wedding was held at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  It was my first at this location.  Jen had been nervous what collection would hang from the walls on her wedding day.  She took it in good stride when she learned the collection was The Human Body and mostly sans clothing.  She had no need to worry as the art faded into the background once the wedding begun.

I was excited for this wedding for two additional reasons.  This marked the first opportunity I was able to work with Siobhan and Darah from Dollface Studio in almost a year.  Way too long.  Also, this would be the first time new Forever Lucky Film shooter John Devins would be shooting with us.  He technical expertise and diverse experience would bring a new look to their big day.  Having an additional shooter working with me gave me freedom to wander that I don’t usually have, but enjoyed.  I think the highlight video will attest to that.

So without further adieu I submit for your approval – Jen and Reed.

Jen + Reed
Videography:  Christopher Rodgers  Forever Lucky Films
Music: One Republic, Jonsi
Location : Le Meridian, Philadelphia, PA; PAFA, Philadelphia PA
Photography: Dollface Studio


Jennifer · May 27, at 5:28 pm

Everytime I watch this I cry – it really is so amazing … you are so unbelievably talented!!! I can't wait to watch the full video!! Jen

Christopher · June 8, at 9:56 pm

Thanks Jennifer….I am thrilled you loved it. You guys were a wonderful couple to work for. If you ever renew your vows let me know!

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