John & Julian

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IMG_9905IMG_9899IMG_9898John & JulianHi Grandmom.IMG_9867
John & JulianIMG_9829IMG_9828Welcome JulianIMG_9917John
IMG_9923Life in a Glass HouseIMG_9934IMG_9935IMG_9937IMG_9938

John & Julian, a set on Flickr.

Since starting this business, I’ve always been busy. Self-employment frees up the schedule a bit but adds more wrinkles later. This year there has been more wrinkles than ever, with our busiest year but also because my wife Karen and I welcomed twins into the world last Friday. Christmas came early for us, but also for the boys so we’re still living in a hospital in Annapolis. I’ve been doing a bit of editing here and there, but I’m limited by equipment and distracted easily by these cute buggers


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