More than just Dead Houses

Published by Christopher on

I can’t tell you what it is exactly, but I’m engrossed by all things abandoned of late.   Here in Southern Delaware and Maryland, I’m finding mostly homes cast off on large farms.   Some I drive by every day.  With each passing storm the structures decay.  Some days a few shingles are blown off and other days a roof succumbs and takes the home or barn down with it.

So as I drive to appointments or on errands I always take my camera. I enjoy photographing these homes that once sheltered families and celebrated life within their walls as there is no guaranteed they’ll last another day. 

Thankfully Spring is here and that will mean my work multiplies week to week, but also it means these homes get new life. Tulips planted decades ago come back as if nothing ever changed.  Rose bushes bloom taller and wider on their own then they ever would be allowed if someone lived there.  In some cases entire fields, left to their own accord, develop a new landscapes; such as the blankets of purple flowers that border a tattered barn in the picture above left.

For more pictures of dead houses check out my flickr page


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